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Related article: Date: Thursday, January 8, 2004 00th 52nd 24 -0800 ( PST ) From: Kerryann keep u003cnakita_lynn69 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Broken Promises Broken Hearts This story is about a dear friend, my lover, even if only s for a short time. Hi, my name is Kellie -Anne and I have 24 years and I 'mn lesbian since the age of twelve years had told me never two things someone with a bit myself) did not want to spread I \\ \\ n dirty rotten was a dyke, when I heard people call my friends at school and nb ) was scared, hurt and rejected and the fact , that people might object to my sexuality and not I want to be n ot me. It all started three years ago and it seemed that only as yesterday, when I returned from Queensland to discover that my mother Cassandra was in the love of my life, Angela moved. I will take a couple of years, maybe more than it was in the old of twelve and first saw Angela. My mother Barbara at the time in his room playing a gAME on the computer when a car passed our junction. Mom looked out the window and sent my stepdad Brian, a see who it was. When my mom was in the window and heard Brian scream n " is your friend and his friend Angela Girl " (as all she called someone who had called by their true names, addresses punch so each chose to call her Big Girl. ) My mother was the first to go out and get to hug his best friend Angie (as I like to call it) came then the other side of the car n and Big Girl and embraced. Meanwhile, the shy Kellie -Anne took his time going down the back stairs. If Angela rolled her eyes s Kellie said, "Hello beautiful God made you you have not seen in over two years," I looked at her and my God, I fell in front of beauty Naked Preteen I had brown shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, n and beautiful and very full breasts and the kind of legs, were all the way to the waist, and she was oh Godwas very good... that s probably weighed about 14 pounds.... Size 14 clothes that had all the skin on the right in the right place and what the Australians call sex on legs. I saw her try to ensure that, in secret, do not drool way to my mouth and said, "Hi Angie, how are you " which he said a step forward and wrapped his arms around me and held me in a tight embrace. Suddenly there was, if there was a change went to full power and got between my legs wetness and a very hot fire in the chest and a huge knot in my throat. was goes with me and kept me with outstretched arms to get a full view of me, then smiled a warm smile and told my mother, " Barbara has a beauty n here she is beautiful, and reminds me that in some way and to his grandmother and aunt all (if someone told me that was like my aunt Natalia now play in the chest eyes look out with a hot Poker go.... I hate both d both at the time ) is undoubtedly the Barb. "I looked at mom to see her smile when their eyes light up and then all the n as the smile of light, I smiled and I saw again the same bright thousand-watt smile that had shone so. I went behind my mother s stepfather, Brian, and then behind me was Angie and I am so sure I was watching my back when I was young back to step our house.... I looked back and saw her smile I saw Big Girl s coming up Naked Preteen behind Angie. all Brian came in and were served a cup of coffee and tea for him \\ \\ n the years after his mother.... but still stands at around in my opinion, after a few times and now when I get up the stairs behind mom in the new home in Grafton, and I'm in... Brian gives me a hug, then asks if I have a coffee, I say " sure", then I sit next to mom, how we both smoke and sparks of sit there like Brian brings. us our coffee, I look at mom and says, "Sor ma, Angela has been here how long and why it here? "Mom sees me, then answers:" Kellie is here, and that s friend was an idiot and she wanted to quit because he hit her n... that is to be here with me and Brian, until they finished their Of course, I'm not sure what to do, to be honest. " With that said, we sit there and keep discussing why left Queensland and I said then, when we finished our discussion revered and exalted goddess walked to the door saying :" Hey Ma Kettle, where is Pa Kettle? "' Then he looked surprised to see me sits next to Mom on the couch She looked at me and said. " Hello Kellie bubbles penalty for a second that I did not see you sorry, because the n are vicious I miss ? " He looked at me and took the coffee cup away from my mouth and then replied: " I've been better, but I'm OK now..... How are you my love? "She said the pain in my eyes, then " I am very good about it, " it. ging in Zimmer Naked Preteen dann ihr that mich Ich folgt entschuldigte Mom and ihr... before getting into my old room called him and said, " I can go in Please," she looked and said, "God kind of crap morality Kellie calm and your ass over here and sit " , so I went and sat s in bed came and Naked Preteen wrapped her arms around me, pulled me close to it, I could feel his breath on my neck and gave me goose blows I feel the feeling in my neck, she hugged me and close was so damn close I could feel his heart beating against my chest and then I laughed and said, " you sleep with me tonight, we have \\ \\ n talk " I saw then I recovered and said, surprised : " As long as secure bud, " his eyes looked at me and told me he was safe, so I put in my bags and left side of the bed. mom called us for dinner, my favorite kebabs looked exactly like as was done at home I sat in the chair in the living room near Angela, the that seemed to please SeeMesend messages to each other in silence d all night after dinner. When it came time for the mother asked the bed where I sleep, " Sleep n me ma", background music Angela 's mother looked at me and then Naked Preteen said, "OK Good night my baby and I would see in the morning, "said the we went to my old room and got me out of my hand and jumped Angie, they were for a moment and then spoke Angie" by Kelli hon leave Grafton? "I heard breathing in the consideration of the answer I wanted given at the end was the truth spilled from the lips of my s, when I told him how she had been raped and I'm growing fear that if I heard the car belongs to the idiot that I was pregnant and lost. was then for Naked Preteen a moment, she took me closer to the approach and rested my ​​head on his chest and said, "There's no loved one can be while I'm here to protect.... and I will always be here to protect , whenever you need me baby ever ", tears formed in mand eyes, and I wept in silence that must have felt the change in my mood, because it takes n me about waiting for me, how I cried. Then after I calmed down kissed my lips gently guided into sleep later. For me not to sleep two reasons a) because I heard the car engine asshole and it scared me and I was Naked Preteen chilled to the bone and the other reason, b) because I have a kiss through n. Angela lips had me confused, Finally, sleep and fatigue overcame me and I fell asleep. the morning I woke up, feeling strange at first hand in a renewed long time. That came after the meal for me and I went to the meat with Angela 's mom works in the front seat. Angela invited to a type of meat that works for us for dinner that night and come For some reason I felt happy for what it kills me inside to see n Angela act in this way to a man. had a good dinner and a drink and play frustration ( for those who People who do not know what the frustrationconcentration is, I suggest you look in a dictionary of map game and a goose, which is a very frustrating game, and easily upset people think I 've played many times and I believe there is a tough game and very annoying, especially when a Your chances of winning and fucking boyfriend in the game. ) I was halfway through the game, because my hands had done I had to play, left, and all made an iced coffee drink n My favorite, but homemade and not everyone likes the homemade. E n to me, mother, Angela, Dave, but not for Brian, because it , like coffee, and too sweet for him. N then entered the room, and I have my bed to sleep in the living room, Angie saw me with a look mocking and quietly said, to make sure nobody heard: " What s where you come from ? "I looked at them and said, " Because Dave is of his room to sleep tonight, " looked at me and shook his head s and said, " No way me, if he is this bed, " This said the beds away. n It was time to go home with Dave, so he ran to the home of Brian and I went to bed with Angela, but not before Mom. a goodnight kiss I moved my ​​clothes and got ready for bed and then we started talking again.... for some reason things came and went back to Angela said, "ot make a confession, I fell in love with you since the age of twelve years has been , but never had the courage or the courage to say," with the s I said, listened in silence from the other side of the bed. Then, to my delight Angie and said, " I'm flattered that you're loving way. Now You have told me, do what you want? " I gasped , and said these words: " Please, Angela kiss the pain in my heart, and soul and fill it with your love, keep me close to what they love and see No morning sun come, " which shocked lingerie said next n I was " hon Sure you can try and see where it goes, "with so rolledover and pulled me to him and kissed me gently on the lips ( I s I had no idea what to kiss you, because I had never kissed a girl before alone, a young woman like Angie, so I was oxidized for example) and stopped Angie said: " not bad for a beginner," she laughed and said that the only reason to tell your , is because you are my friend and I do not want to hurt me " I looked in mock pain in his eyes said," No, I was with a little practice more seriously, it would be a tremendous kiss ", said that, I kissed her again in search of my tongue and Search and danced around my gums and then played with my with its own language, prompting a groan from me at that moment I felt his role fully in me and on my lips again with his mouth, as if kissed me again. All I could do was run my hands up and down with warm arms caused by his lush brown hair, to pass by a rain of of his body, the smile on my nuts then kissed the tip of the ears and then my ​​throat as they kissed onelike my sorrow, I felt tears in my skin, such as my ​​skin is washed with her tears, which made my light and my heart dizzy head, I felt like I had tingling in my body each particle, Angie then kisses the top of the breast and then the tips of the breasts of my s and then lovingly kissed her lips locked on my nipple n and I sucked gently on her money, her happiness \\ \\ n more. nipples Then she changed after she s right to fully caused build only hurt a little and then took his left hand between her n lips and teeth brushed against him, which made there up as straight as the other then kissed his way to my hips and then then beyond my pussy directly on the feet, patted his hands then his hands replaced by his mouth his tongue, and that his tongue slipped my feet, then wrapped both legs in succession after between the legs. drawn attention with her tongue and strokedmy labia majora with the language before direct immersion makes the entry into my pussy and grabs me money against my mouth and then took off the tongue them as far as he could in my pussy clicking his tongue in out of me like a small penis makes me moan with pleasure cared then the rest of my pussy with his fingers make me growl and to raise a little longer, that in turn causes the tongue to move beyond in me, then shook his tongue on my clit slowly and then speed as built it knew he was on the brink of an earth shattering climax of No I brought and it seemed that god damn happy. Suddenly, my legs were stiff and not the rest of my body as I trembled as I came, I saw and found out that Angie had found its way a me and hugged me as my whole body I was trembling and shaking caused to bed and a little shaking caused my breasts again, and is Angela, but she did not seem all that the Spirit of carsEd was about how s feeling makes me feel safe. I calmed down and smiled at her that she had asked the question then , obviously dying to ask: "How do you feel now bubba reads," I looked and I said " well, I still feel good and happy, but I good, but I'm dying, I like (I can not believe that even n the of my mouth, upset, even now ) and have a feeling my hand, I, and n for me. " said, we started kissing slowly at first and then heated with passion and anger that makes moan against my mouth, I added n to kiss harder and then, with more anger, took my hands and took her through her hair and then I raised my head to smell the aroma that was in the hair after it had wash your hair, it was like silky smooth, and I loved the feeling against the skin of the palm of my hand. I saw her with lust in my eyes and realized I had a mind to it too, but she looked even sexier then I have never seen a She left me breathless and dizzy I think the feeling again, and the fire in my belly and chest (ask to take a break here, in the audience if anyone ever felt this way when have made ​​ in love with someone before, which means, because I lived before , with this person and now I'm writing with my wife, Sarah a whom I love dearly and would die if he loses a friend my I said that the feeling of love was pure and raw, and he always felt just time in life, and the person who really feels the soul partner. If anyone has an idea I liked the email address burns in writing this story. Thank you. ) Now, back to where the fire again and each time n Angela touched the burning or well be stronger or seem right in the soft caress. Anyway, I went to kiss beautiful then her earlobes lips then kissed me on the neck of time until I came to his balls beautiful, which I devoured in my moudegrees on the causes of succession moan and groan then kissed me again and is a great pleasure for me to moan then I kissed my way of his stomach, then hips, raised waiting for the n but I thought I would tease her a little more, so I waited until I came to your legs, which I covered with kisses n then kissed her fingers and inside thighs then I had to kill me. I put my tongue over her sex makes panting then complain then lapped puss n moan that they do not focus on the only gem that wants to wait until you are ready to take it was in time was. licked and sucked her tongue so I drove and took was a surprise, but soon relaxed and went with the flow. I I decided I wanted to feel more than my tongue, so that insert three fingers, causing them to howl with desire, and pushing the hips forward in anticipation, but I thought it was meeting and waited Then a slow pace then gradually rose speed that makes tremble and shake then, suddenly, legs tied up and how quickly, then I was with her juice reward girl , since they came to the flows. I crawled back and lay down next to her body went completely n and exhausted but completely satisfied. I looked and saw Angie mourn n and I thought that shit hurt, but she pushed me around and said: "This was the first time someone brought me a mighty land peak and God that was good ", I still had doubts, but soon together, trapped as his warm lips on mine and kissed me and then gently laid her head on my chest and closed my eyes as I play with her hair, tickling the shoulder blades and shoulders then his back. But as I said before, that was long ago and are things best kept n In the past, I've never been badly hurt, and forgave her for it. I is not seen live in more Angela Queensland as a waitress and I live in Sydney, a woman happily married to the woman of my heart, and dreams that came and rescued me when I least expected. If Angela is in my deepest thoughts that I remember as a friend and nothing more. The End!
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